CBD oil to become available in Belgium pharmacies

News , 13 August, 2019

As first reported by the Belgium newsletter, De Standaard, It was announced by The Federal Health Agency, Federaal Geneesmiddelenagentschap, that it is no longer forbidden for pharmacist to provide medicine base on CBD.

This is especially good news for Belgian patients with ALS, MS and epilepsy who currently need to travel to the Netherlands to get the CBD oil. Many patients who suffer from these illnesses takes CBD oil as a pain-relieving substance.


It is as well good news for Belgium pharmacies as this will help guide the patient in ensuring the correct dosage is received.

It will be available in prescription form only and the cost is not yet clear. However, with more CBD shops in the Flanders region opening, there are concerns that patient and consumers are not provided with the correct information. Thus, this new announcement is a step forward.

(Eva Butler)