Successful foundation of the GlobeCann Federation

News , 11 July, 2019

There are only a few topics, apart from politics, which have caused such a sensation in many countries of the world in recent years, such as the national and international discussions about hemp: its history, its exploitation and applications - once, now and in the future. Not to forget: many different legal interpretations in EU and overseas countries. The industrial exploitation of hemp in all its applications poses completely new challenges for producers, as well as administrations, and subsequently for politics.

Therefore, in March 2019, preparations began for the creation of an international association, the GlobeCann Federation: an international association based in Zurich with a clearly defined goal: to represent an international interest representation, but also to be a strong consumer protection organization.


GlobeCann sees itself as an international platform for all relevant players in the hemp market. Because, according to the founding members: "Only together, can we pull together in order to exploit the potential of the hemp plant profitably and growth-promoting," said the food lobbyist and founding board member Dario Dongo. In addition to research, agriculture and industry, the association wants to get consumers and investors on board as a globally active organization.

The board of the association includes: the former Macedonian minister Ivo Ivanovski, the Zurich lawyer Markus Bösiger and the Swiss economics professor Thomas Schmitt. "Hemp offers innovative entrepreneurs and companies the opportunity to develop a large number of innovative products and bring them to the market," says the German-Austrian economist Christoph Demuth, member of the three-member management team and board member, to the point. "The range extends from food and nutritional supplements to remedies, paper, textiles and even building materials and biomass for energy production." Even bioplastics as a particularly sustainable resource can be produced from this miracle plant. The Austrian-Swiss entrepreneur Reinhold Eder (CEO of the association): "With GlobeCann we want to develop standards in the applied terminology." And: The association collects hemp-relevant data - both nationally and internationally - for reconditioning and availability for all members.

GlobeCann currently has more than 20 members from six different countries, including: the Gols-based Deep Nature Project, OPMED AG, Icontel Management AG Cannhelp. Above all, Eva Butler (GlobeCann COO) emphasizes the international orientation of the association: "In the coming years we will devote ourselves not only to Europe but also to the markets in North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, as well as Japan and China. "The Management Board is to be strengthened and expanded in the year 2019 in planning. The wish of the management and the executive board: to combine and bundle expertise from as many national markets and different utilization models as possible, regionally and nationally, and to make them available to the members again, taking account of national practices. In addition, more women will be represented on the board in the future.

(Christoph Demuth and Martin Niederauer-Granitz)